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As one of the fastest growing Furniture Suppliers and a trusted Interior Designing Company in Nigeria, ARTDECO GLOBAL INTEGRATED NIG. LTD. had with determination and passion combined with energy, knowledge and talent delivered products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations. Over the years, our business had provided our clients with work spaces which emphasized on sustainable design, adaptable, flexible and good valued solution to most decorations challenges.

Artdeco Global has an extensive project ranging from private villas up to Hotel Spatial Planing and Development, International Conference Centers, Schools, Offices, Government parastatals, Banks, and Residential interior planing and general renovations.

Our display of products are segmented on a sectional bases thereby making shopping an easy task in our showrooms.

Our furnishing service covers the following areas:

  • Living Room Design and Furnishing
  • Bedroom Design and Furnishing
  • Dining Room Design and Furnishing
  • Home Office Design and Furnishing
  • Kitchen Design and Cabinetry
  • Bathroom Design and Renovation
  • Outdoor Living Space Design
  • Custom Furniture Design and Manufacturing
  • Window Treatments and Drapery
  • Flooring Selection and Installation
  • Lighting Design and Fixtures
  • Wall Coverings and Paint Selection
  • Artwork and Decorative Accessories
  • Smart Home Integration and Automation
  • Interior Styling and Home Staging

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