Why You Should Choose Design,Build & Furnish for Your New Office or Refurbishment

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Design,Build & Furnish

Design, Build & Furnish is a project delivery method that is used in construction to depict the collaboration process through a single point of contact from initial concept to completion of a construction project.

In workplaces, design,build & Furnish is used when a company is looking for a new office space as business grows with an increase of employees as they expand into new territory. For most companies, refurbishment works to give a new surge of energy, which affects the employee productivity and imbibes the company’s culture.

The design,builder & Furnish takes up the responsibility and contractual risk for all aspects related to the project. He does the estimations and assessments, design and leads the construction process. He successfully manages all contracts with companies and subcontractors involved in the project.

Here are the benefits of choosing design-build for your office and workplace in detail:

Unit Cost 6.1%Lower
Construction Speed 12% Faster
Delivery Speed 33.5% Faster
Cost Growth 5.2%Less
Schedule Growth 11.14% Less

Cost saving

Design,build & Furnish delivery process often reduces office construction costs to companies. According to findings by a research led by Construction Industry Institute (CII), design,build & Furnish can deliver savings of more than 6% of total projected cost.

To bring things to perspective, a N100 million project could save a company N15 million.

This savings could be attributed to the fact that design-build projects are more cost efficient as there are fewer change orders which normally bring schedule delays and unforeseen costs. The design,build & Furnish team works continuously and concurrently giving accurate and guaranteed construction costs.

Single source of accountability

Hiring a design,builder & Furnish unifies the flow of work from initial conception and planning of the project through completion. The contract drawn details the cost estimations and planning that will be executed from drawing the architectural design through construction to post-construction where walk-throughs and core documentation are handed over to facility managers.

You will be relieved of the stress and financial risk that comes with managing projects by hiring one company that is committed to the success of the project.

Other advantages of single source accountability include:

  • You are eliminated as a middle person in project disputes between designer and contractor (in the case of hiring each separately from different companies),

  • Quality control in terms of materials and construction specifications can be streamlined as the designer, engineer and builder are all in the same firm and work towards protecting you, the owner, and delivering a successful project.

Rapid delivery

Design,build & Furnish process can be overlapped in many instances. Bidding periods and redesign time is eliminated and long lead purchases can be made earlier on in the design phase. This significant reduction results in concurrent work done for design,build & Furnish which reduces time frame of expected work done.

Other advantages related to rapid delivery that you will experience include:

  • Better solutions are derived at as the design and build team works hand in hand from day one. The team brainstorms ideas and you will be presented with more options, which help in making better-informed decisions.

  • You will be presented with better value from the project, as you will be guided in the purchase of best materials, siting, schedule design and more during each phase of the project.

Better communication

Open collaboration is key in design,build & Furnish process. The communication channel is through single contact with design,builder & Furnish hence you can easily stay updated and keep track of the project getting an overview and detailed progress in all phases.

As the project progresses, the team does frequent analysis of the schedule and opportunities that come up against the objectives they would like to achieve. The team members are all on the same page as they are working under one contract. In the end, you face fewer problems as they were anticipated at the beginning of the project.

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